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Giving back is something we keenly believe in.

Y-Fliker across America!

In the summer of 2013 three girls and one guy travelled across America on a Y Fliker Scooter. The project's goal was to raise awareness about physical activity and the obesity epidemic in children and to donate 1,000 Y Flikers to schools in the United States.

They set themselves a goal of three months to complete a journey of 3,800+ miles, which means they had to ride the scooter for at least 43 miles per day. That is nearly 1.5 marathons a day during the USA challenge. They did this during the summer heat and with temperatures of 100 degrees on most days.

The project was an undeniable success.

After that enormous challenge, the team came to Ireland. They started in Galway, on the west coast, and made their way to the capital city, Dublin. The temperatures may not be as high but  the terrain was rough and they had the Irish autumn to contend with. We were delighted to be on hand to welcome home after their incredible challenge. They raised a massive €2,519 for Barretstown.

Temple Street Children’s Hospital 

At Yvolution, we love to help kids stay active and get healthy. We are excited to have donated $1500 worth of Y Gliders, Y Bikes and Y Pewis to the playroom at Temple Street Children’s Hospital in Dublin, Ireland. Our CEO Thomas was on-hand to make the donation and also welcome the hospital to our Yvolution Motor Skills Development program.

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